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The Team


Derek Delson


Derek Delson co-founded Comic Fade with Jacob Crawley on January 8th, 2017. He strived to make a reputable pop culture news source and have fun along the way. In the months since then, Comic Fade evolved and became what it is today. While not working on Comic Fade, Derek loves to act, write, and make movies. He’s so obsessed with movies that people automatically assume he’s seen everything. He also loves eating chicken ranch pizza. It’s great.



Jacob Crawley


Jacob Crawley is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Comic Fade. He created Comic Fade along with Derek Delson in early 2017 and continues to create content for it via many different outlets.



James Conoway


James Conoway has been a Comic Fade Administrator since April 2017 after joining two other news pages. He currently organizes coverage for events such as E3 and San Diego Comic-Con, and manages the Comic Fade Twitter account with occasional news tweets on everything pop-culture.

Currently takes the form of Dan Stevens from his (now former) favorite show Legion. His identity is still unknown till this day..



Chuck Uthe


Chuck Uthe is a college student studying English. He loves the cinema so much that he practically worships it. He loves video games so much that they had to create a “gaming disorder” just for him. He’s a huge nerd, and his addiction to Funko Pop’s grows with every paycheck he receives. Chuck, however, believes that everyone is amazing and that loving yourself is the best thing you can do.





Massive Legend. Joined Comic Fade May 2017, now I’m an admin for Comic Fade. My whole life can be explained using two words: Issa yikes.



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