Inhumans’ Unsurprisingly Weak Debut Lacks Any And All Energy

Inhumans has recently premiered on television, to say the reactions have been divisive is an understatement at this point. I have found myself in the majority when it comes to my feelings about the show. There were a few red-flags that I had just ignored, maybe everyone behind this also ignored them. There was very little I even found good about this, considering the raw passion that goes into projects in Hollywood, it’s always surprising to see product like this be so lifeless.

I thought the clear diamond in the rough was Iwan Rheon as Maximus. Rheon actually puts a lot of effort into his villainous role and it clearly shows. Yes, he can’t avoid tacky dialogue and dismal direction, but who really can? I give him credit as he actually tries, I can see him shining among those of his caliber, as he’s such an asset to Inhumans working. Anson Mount struggles as Black Bolt, but he fights through the difficulties of playing a mute and ends up being the best option in this show to line up beside Rheon. Besides that, a good amount of the indoor sets based in Attilan are well crafted with a more modern look to it all. Lockjaw is surprisingly cute, but that’s all there is to him.


Everything else just fell, hard. Medusa is awful, her hair seemed finished in comparison to earlier trailers, but it doesn’t exempt it from a laugh. Serinda Swan’s acting doesn’t help at all either. Gorgon actually has a personality, they were clearly trying to set Eme Ikwuakor up as the comedic relief but it falls flat. This is because he isn’t funny, at all. Crystal, however, has to be the worst character if not the worst part of this show. Isabelle Cornish was sleepwalking through her role, all effort was left in her trailer, and it shows.

Initially going into the show I was very excited for Karnak, he had the best designed costume of the initial character reveals, and his powers are the type that would work best on a lower budget. His writing alone could’ve made him the next Mr. Spock of television, with him seeing the flaw in everything, including ideology, philosophy, and people. The key word is could’ve, as instead we get Ken Leung ‘seeing the flaw’ once, for a joke. In the comics, Karnak is a quiet, tactful guy who says things for a distinct purpose. Here he can’t help but be reduced to a depressed cliché that says everyone will eventually die and nothing is worth it. It’s lazy writing, thoughtless character building, and a disrespect to the Stan Lee, Jack Kirby duo.


Triton is unceremoniously written off, which I guess I should care about? I thought actual development came before killing a character off. It would also aide the show if they really didn’t have time to develop Triton in the first place, to at least have anyone show any emotion towards the fact that Triton died. Instead we are given the same blank stares from the same blank slates.

The show lacks any kinetic energy, hell, it doesn’t even have potential energy let alone potential.

The show has an issue on a lot of its dramatic scenes resting on the idea that we connect with the show and take it seriously, and I don’t think that’s possible. Medusa gets her head shaved but we don’t care because she doesn’t have a character. Karnak loses his powers but we don’t care cause he’s annoying and pointless. Black Bolt kills his parents in a flashback but we don’t care because it’s actually hilarious for all the wrong reasons. The show takes itself too seriously, and it needs to earn that right first.

The show’s blatant disrespect to the fans of both superhero media and this family in general. Inhumans embodies absolutely nothing that makes superhero shows worth a minute of my time. This is a product that is pandering to not one soul and I don’t think it wants to, it sells a family but delivers a bunch of extras just staring, it delivers no emotion other than humiliation to fans and hopefully the creators.

Inhumans doesn’t deserve to be defended, it’s one of the worst comic book shows I’ve ever seen, and I know there’s still a full season ahead of us, but somehow I just don’t see it getting out of a crater. Marvel Television isn’t completely lost, with The Punisher looking great and Agents of SHIELD’s return right around the corner, but when referring to this I’d prefer to forget it even exists. Inhumans isn’t worth your time, there’s better things to do. Walk your dog, do yoga, read an Inhumans comic, or just do anything other than watching this sad excuse of a show.

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