‘Snow Steam Iron’ Is A Compelling And Important Piece Of Art

‘Snow Steam Iron’ is a ballad of blood, sweat, and tears directed by Zack Snyder. While it is exclusive to Vero members only, ‘Snow Steam Iron’ was anticipated on more than just the young social media platform. When it was announced near the beginning of September, fans were surprised to see something so soon from Snyder after his departure from Justice League following a family tragedy. A second surprise was the film being uploaded in it’s (brief) entirety a mere ten days later.

Snow Steam Iron 3

Being a new Vero member, I must say that the fanbase I’ve seen just for this short film has been bubbling since it’s announcement. Fans have been submitting fan art and voicing their excitement in incredible numbers. In various teases from Clay Enos and Zack Snyder, ‘Snow Steam Iron’ was promoted as a revenge story set in the 20’s.

Snow Steam Iron 2

The short goes without dialogue and is accompanied only by sound effects and an eerie track, and while those may be a bit generic, Snyder’s ambiguous storytelling is the real star. Within just four minutes, we are given numerous glimpses of the grim setting of New York City. Throughout these minutes, the journey of a young artist’s unfortunate reality unravelling into chaos is displayed. The protagonist is represented not only on screen but by metaphors within the short film. One was notably a fish in a bucket of water, this being a representation of our protagonist’s life; she has a job that she seems interested in but soon realizes she’s trapped in something that she didn’t initially expect. The metaphor is brought back numerous times closing on the fish moving quickly around the bucket, looking for an escape.

The short film was to the point, it somehow manages to be Snyder’s most concise and focused piece yet. It also opened up doors for many young filmmakers.

Snow Steam Iron 1

While many successful people have worked solely from an iPhone, it was interesting to see a man of Snyder’s stature use such a common device to create such an uncommon piece of art. It’s hard to say Snyder doesn’t have a fanbase or what some would like to call a cult following. With this film however, he shows that art isn’t contained to a multi-million dollar budget with wide releases around the world, it shows that any ordinary person can make a film that looks fantastic on a device they wouldn’t expect.

Zack Snyder’s short really exemplifies creativity and hard work with using what you’ve got. While Snyder does own a studio that is likely stacked with props, it’s hard not to admire his gesture towards young creators.

Snow Steam Iron 3

Snow Steam Iron is a magnificent short-film and a call-to-action for those who just don’t believe they can make art with what they have.  

Written by: Payton – @DesultoryUser on Twitter

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