Why Devin Faraci Doesn’t Deserve A Job In This Industry

As a kid, I was taught to tolerate some things because that would be much easier than facing problems I might not understand the full capacity of. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, there are a few definitions for this type of tolerance. The capacity to endure pain or hardship, the act of allowing something, the allowable deviation from a standard. It seems the word has recently been piled in with anything political and attributed a negative connotation, tainting the word. Tolerance isn’t bad in some cases, in certain cases it is the basis of a healthy and accepting society. Intolerance, however is also a valid option in some other cases, this one in particular.

Recently, Devin Faraci was given a second chance, and if you aren’t familiar with the situation, Faraci could easily be described as a controversial figure even without the allegation in question. Some choose to think that he is a witty writer, others prefer to call him an attention seeking blogger. Attention was given to Faraci several of times due to his controversial opinions over Comic Book films. On October 9th, 2016 however, it seemed as if faux-fame had finally caught up with him. After tweeting his disgust over the infamous video in which Donald Trump bragged to Billy Bush about groping women, a woman responded to Faraci.

Faraci 1

Faraci admitted to this and promptly stepped down from his position as editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death 2 days later. An odd silence followed, and for a good while it seemed as if right thing had been done with nobody getting hurt. The victim expressed her happiness over the situation. It seemed as if justice had been done.

The problem has come back right around however, as Faraci has reportedly been working his way back slowly with the help of Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League. This was recently discovered by George Hickman as he realised Faraci was credited in blurbs for Fantastic Fest, three films named “THE LINE”, “3FT BALL & SOULS”, and “VIDAR THE VAMPIRE”.


League’s subsequent defense of Faraci and the blurbs lead one to question if there was actually any real consequence for Faraci’s actions. Considering Alamo Drafthouse owns Birth.Movies.Death, it doesn’t scream coincidental at all.

I understand that ruining Faraci’s life doesn’t make anything better, it may even make some feel guilty. The problem comes with excusing his actions. Faraci still touched a woman non-consensually and bragged, nothing he can do can change that.

Should Faraci get a second chance? Should we tolerate his actions? Personally, I don’t believe so, especially so soon after the details have come out. No one person should be able to face these allegations, step down, yet find themselves in this same position of power as little as one year later.  

I spoke earlier of intolerance. This is a rare case where we must exercise intolerance. We must make a stand and we simply cannot tolerate this severe injustice.

The only way to take care of people like Faraci is to call them out and apply genuine consequences to their actions. Not because they like different movies than you, or have hated something you adored. It’s calling him out for making an awful decision, it’s calling out those like Tim League who care about their movie page so much that they try to push allegations like these to the side so their most popular writer can come back.

I won’t allow a Faraci comeback, not even if I exercised all the consideration and empathy I could possibly exert. Why? He doesn’t deserve it. There are so many able writers who love film, something that is their life, and you know what? I bet they know how to keep their hands to themselves.

Written by: Payton – @DesultoryUser on Twitter

Editors Note: As of September 13, 2017, Devin Faraci has once again stepped down. All of us at Comic Fade believe this is a sign of a better world where deplorable actions have genuine consequences. I myself can only hope that men such as Faraci, such as Trump, men who treat women as objects for their amusement will continue to face consequences for what they do. We applaud all who spoke out against him, and encourage all in future to speak out against injustices such as these. Thank you. Editors Note by Michael Slavin – Editor in Chief of ComicFade.com.

Faraci 2

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