Top 5 Best Comic Book Movie Costumes

We live in an exciting era chock full of comic book movies. Over time, production has gotten better and better, so have the threads on our titular characters. I’ll be evaluating five of the best costumes in comic book movies. To see the worst, you can check out the video provided in the link:

Image result for scarlet witch civil war

#5: Scarlet Witch (Captain America: Civil War)

I dig this design for Wanda. It’s a good way to bring in elements of her classic costume without looking cheesy. It makes her look like an actual witch, but knows it’s boundaries because it doesn’t need to be ridiculous to sell the look. As Wanda’s powers evolved, so did her costume. The long coat referenced the cloak she wears in the comics, something that translated practically due to that choice. Which is one thing that the MCU does especially well, reinventing the design of their colorful characters and making them realistic while keeping the energetic spirit of the comics.

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#4: Superman (Man of Steel)

Superman’s suit in the DCEU follows the New 52 and gets rid of the iconic red underwear. Differing, however, to go for an ‘alien’ look rather than the regular old pajamas we’ve seen all too often. The texture across the entire suit, including the ‘S’, gives it a Kryptonian spirit. Given we see a lot more of Krypton in this film, we get a taste of their alien culture, and Superman’s suit showcases that culture. This suit just works, especially within the realistic tone the movie takes on. This is the twenty-first century Superman suit we deserve.

Image result for spider-man mcu wallpaper

#3: Spider-Man (MCU)

Spider-Man’s costume have never really strayed from the norm. Even after large comic book arcs, they always return to the iconic red and blue. Yet, Spider-Man’s introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave us something different.‘Captain America: Civil War’ gave us a cleaner, and much niftier design for the web slinger. Designed by Tony Stark, the flattened black lines are a nice touch on the usual red and blue, and the expressive eyes add another layer of personality to Tom Holland’s portrayal. This suit, by nature finds its place in the large-scale MCU.

Image result for wonder woman dceu

#2: Wonder Woman (DCEU)

Diana Prince has never looked so godly on film. Wonder Woman’s costume in other media has always looked like that, just a costume. But in the DCEU, Diana’s duds lack the star studded spandex yet rock sleek, beautiful armor. It sells the warrior’s background we are accustomed to in the comics, and stomps the thought that this is just some cosplayer. The colors pops, though mostly in ‘Wonder Woman’, but the faded colors and battle scars in ‘Batman v Superman’ shows its age, which was a fantastic touch by the costume department.

Image result for black panther mcu

#1: Black Panther (MCU)

Black Panther’s debut in the MCU gifted us with an amazing design. T’Challa’s suit is made out of vibranium, a rare metal, but we’ve never truly seen much beyond a glossy black suit as far as detail on the suit goes. That is, until we saw the intricacy of the woven vibranium costume. The silver highlights around the neck, mask and arms exudes royalty and is just a taste  of the illustrious Wakandan culture we’ll see in ‘Black Panther’. The transition from ink to the screen is truly immaculate in this case.

Written by Jeremy Wilkerson (@JeremyRalphael)

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