Retrospective: Return Of The Jedi Is A Flawed, Yet Good Conclusion

There are many reasons to love and hate the third installment in the original trilogy of Star Wars films. Though many see it as the last good Star Wars movie to have come out, many see it as a “meh” at best. Although I do find enjoyment in watching this film, it definitely is not my favorite Star Wars film. If you are one of those people who absolutely, unequivocally hates Return of The Jedi, turn away now.

Anyways (overused joke incoming) please enjoy this Retrospective which takes place in a galaxy far, far away.


I always found the opening scenes of Return of The Jedi interesting, as it does not connect that much to the ending of Empire Strikes Back. Luke is a fully fledged Jedi and it somehow felt both like we were way in the future and way in the past at the same time. Further, it was interesting to finally see Jabba the Hutt (if you say he was in A New Hope you’re wrong) and the set piece of saving Han was at times rather cool, at others disappointing especially for fans of Boba Fett).


The plot this time around was okay if nothing special, it more or less served its purpose within the wider story but there was nothing spectacular or exceptional about it. Unfortunately, the movie drags at certain points, especially the Ewoks believing C-3PO is a god, however most of it worked more or less. Despite the questionable decision to once again go for a Death Star, seeing The Emperor for real this time was quite cool. Further I feel Yoda is actually a great character, and to this day I will still get emotional watching him die. On top of this we get the Luke and Leia reveal so overall there are some quite effective beats to this film.

The Ewoks are still a point of controversy in the Star Wars community to this day. After reading a couple articles, people’s main issue with them are the fact that they, 1. Are teddy bears 2. Defeated the Empire with sticks and 3. They were made to appeal to kids even though most of the original audience were 16 plus in age. I don’t have an issue with the Ewok as I was a child when my dad showed me these films. I do think however replacing them with Wookies would’ve been a far better idea and would have given some well needed development to a race which we have already been introduced to through Chewbacca. Further, by having the race on the planet below be one we already relate to and sympathize with, the stakes of the final battle would have been raised infinitely.


One of the best things about Return of The Jedi are the fight scenes. When it comes to space battles, chases through forests, Lightsaber battles, all the fight scenes are done amazingly. The green screen in the original, theatrical release of the film was okay, but needed improvement. Lucas did however fix that in the 20 million re-releases he did. The cinematography in this film isn’t terrible, however is a very by the numbers movie in the way it is shot

Lastly, I love how this movie wraps up the Star Wars saga, with freedom at last for all in the galaxy. The finale with all the heroes coming together and celebrating their victory against the Empire is perfect. I asked my dad after the credits rolled, “Is it over? Are there anymore?” and guess what he said… “Yes son, there are only THREE Star Wars” (Yes, he emphasized the three.)

That brings to an end this trilogy of retrospectives on the original Star Wars movies. Let me know on Twitter or in the comments your thoughts on Return of the Jedi and the retrospective series as a whole, as well as what you’d like to see Comic Fade take a look back on next. Thanks for reading.

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