The Problem With Most Comic Book Movie Villains

Clearly, writing an amazing comic book movie with the villain being just as good is a hard task to do. Nothing against most previous comic book movie directors and writers, but we haven’t had that many truly great villains in the last few years.

It is true that not every villain in each comic book film is bad, but sadly most of them are. The only handful of great ones include each main villain from The Dark Knight Trilogy, Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, some occasional X-Men villains here-and-there, and… well that pretty much covers all the ones that are universally loved. Hopefully films such as Justice League, Avengers: Infinity War, and all the other future comic book movies have antagonists that are added onto that list. At this moment, we have more than triple the amount of awful comic book villains.


The problem with the majority of these villains is that they never really do anything. Let’s take Enchantress from the mess that was Suicide Squad. The one and only belly-flopping, CGI-dancing witch. Archaeologist June Moon found a stature and for whatever idiotic reason decided to open it, not knowing what would be inside the statue surrounded by skulls and dead bodies. Besides the fact that we still don’t know what she could and couldn’t do, the reason behind that is because SHE NEVER DID ANYTHING. A way too commonly used method throughout all comic-related projects.

Speaking of witch (get it? Because Enchantress is a witch), almost every comic book film since 2000’s ‘X-Men’ has had a villain that loves world level event. Only a few villains like the ones from Deadpool, the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, and The Dark Knight Trilogy DON’T want to end the entire world. Nolan and Raimi’s villains intended on destroying just their respected hero’s city and breaking the hero. In the case of Deadpool, it was all about getting Wade’s girlfriend back. The idea of world conquering hasn’t seemed to change this year with any comic film this year. There is always next year though… hopefully. To add on to my original point, most of these villains just feels redundant in the sense that they all try to accomplish the same goal, but the hero/heroes always end up beating them one way or the other. It has been starting to get tiring and an overused, lazy idea. For some villains it makes sense (i.e. Apocalypse, Red Skull, H.Y.D.R.A., etc.), but that shouldn’t allow every screenwriter to have their villain use the same reasoning for being in the film. For some comic book movies, I personally see it would be easier if the villains weren’t even in the film at all.


To close out, the huge problem and complaint I’ve seen all around the internet revolving comic-villains adapted to live action is that 1) they suck, 2) they never do anything, and 3) the repetitive factor is getting excruciatingly boring and annoying. The future villains are hopefully going to be spiced up and be different from the villains we’ve gotten forever.

This is Danny closing out. You can follow me on Twitter @SuperHeroExpert if you’d like. Until next time, take care and thanks for reading my article.

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